Accessible Internet

What has already been anchored in law in 2008 in Austria and implemented across the board with 1 January 2016, has now been also settled in Brussels: web accessibility. Websites and apps of public bodies like administrations and universities should become easily accessible for persons with disabilities. 


Agreement in Brussels


The EU Parliament, Council and Commission agreed upon this aim at the beginning of this week. At the same time, they decided about some regulations in order to reach it. The plan is to develop standards to make websites and apps accessible. Especially persons who have disabilities in the area of eyesight and hearing will profit from those changes. Furthermore, moving the mouse is a problem for many and should be resolved.


The text of the agreement has to be formally accepted by Parliament and Council before it will be published in the Official Journal. After that, the Member States have to implement the new regulations within a period of 21 months.


Further information


Details of the agreement are published in a press release by the EU Commission.

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