Adria Airways insolvent

Lodge claims

The Slovenian airline Adria Airways is insolvent, the proceedings were opened on 2 October 2019. Affected consumers can now file their claims.

FAQ Adria Airways

What do I have to send?

A copy of your claim in written form, translated to Slovenian.

Where to?

By letter to the competent court:

Republika Slovenija, Okrožno sodišče v Kranju, Gospodarski oddelek, Stečajna pisarna
[Republic of Slovenia, District Court Kranj, Commercial Department, Insolvency Office]
Zoisova 2
4000 Kranj, Slovenija

Does it cost anything?

There is no fee or tax for lodging the claim, but you have to consider the costs for the translation to Slovenian and the postage.

Is there a deadline?

The claim has to be registered by the court until 3 January 2020 the latest.

What are the odds of me getting my money back?

In the best case, a percentage of your claim will be refunded. However, it can also happen that no reimbursement is made to individual consumers, as Adria Airways is very heavily indebted according to media reports and there is a correspondingly large number of creditors. In any case, you have to be prepared for the fact that insolvency proceedings can take a very long time.

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