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Government cancels all events

According to the Austrian Covid 19 Measures Act, all events in Austria have now been cancelled, for the time being in the period from March 16 to Easter Monday April 13 2020. In addition, restaurants and bars will remain closed.

Only up to 5 people are allowed to meet at once, and this for the purpose of fighting the coronavirus. In general, a distance of one metre from other people must be maintained and the restriction of all social contacts must be kept to a minimum. The executive controls the observance of this law and penalties for non-compliance are imposed.

Further details, e.g. which districts are under quarantine, can be found on the website of the Ministry of Social Affairs.

What about already paid tickets?

Event organisers must refund the ticket price if you as a customer do not agree to a postponement of the event and keep your ticket for later.  It does not matter whether the event has been cancelled by the organiser himself or is no longer held due to official measures and prohibitions. Customers with permanent or season tickets receive a proportional refund.

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