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Caution: Update for WhatsApp

Surprising subscription contract with third-party provider

The popular messenger service WhatsApp welcomes its users with the notice that a new update is available. However, if they click on the link, they conclude a subscription contract with a third-party provider. In this case the company MEDIA MARKETING INTERNET S.L C/Espinosa, situated in the Spanish city Valencia.

According to the Austrian magazine Focus Online, the company gets access to the consumer's payment account via his mobile provider and starts charging regular fees.

Tips of ECC Austria

  • Contact your mobile provider and ask them to ban the company and to reject any charges by them.
  • Furthermore, if they already charged you, your mobile provider might offer a service to help you to get your money back.
  • If not, you have to contact the third-party provider yourself:
  • Tell the company that you deny the conclusion of a contract, only withdraw from the subscription contract to be absolutely sure and that you demand a refund of any charges. You can use our sample letter to do so, but please note that it is written in German. Add your personal details and send it via e-mail with read receipt to support@medianetpay.com.
  • If your intervention is not successful, you can turn to ECC Austria for help (via the complaint form or e-mail to info@europakonsument.at). Please note that we can only become active after you contacted the company yourself.

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