Digital legacy

When a person dies, the relatives have the difficult task to deal with his legacy. In August 2017, a new version  of the Austrian inheritance law will come into force. The aim is that the law meets the circumstances of the 21st century. Nowadays, something that should always be considered is the digital legacy of a person.


Netbanking, e-mail, Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram - we organise our lives online. Social contacts or daily "to dos", most of us can't image to live without the internet. But what happens when life ends? How can someone delete Facebook accounts, secure photos, manage e-mails or close an online banking account?


Although those services are such an integral part of our daily life, there is a lack of unified regulations. Providers have different systems of managing these things and the legal order is still unclear.


For more information in English on this topic, please read this article of the Telegraph.


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