Disneyland Paris changes price policy

14.2 million people visited Disneyland Paris in 2014. In the future, all will pay the same price for entering the theme park. This was not always the case.


Complaints to the European Consumer Centres


In the previous year, complaints of many European consumers raised awareness that the ticket prices variied based on the origin of the visitors. German and british consumers, for example, could only access more expensive offers at the respective national websites. French consumers were allegedly favoured as they could purchase cheaper tickets on the French website. Annual subscriptions were only available for those who were able to enter a French bank account.


Discrimination in the EU Single Market


This kind of practice is called geo-blocking. It violates the Services Directive that stops price discrimination based on nationality or place of residence.


The EU Commission then initiated an investigation against the theme park. They now reached an agreement and Disneyland Paris will change its price policy. It will be possible for all consumers to access best offers on its website.


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