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Exceptional state in Brussels

Air traffic not affected

Update: Since Wednesday morning, the metro partially resumed operations. Schools and kindergarten also reopened, but special security measures were taken. Nevertheless, the highest terror warning level is still valid for Brussels.

Belgium is in a state of high alert: In the capital Brussels, the highest terror warning level 4 was announced, in the rest of the country it's level 3. The metro traffic was suspended, schools and universities are closed, all huge events were canceled and companies offered their employees to work from home.

The reason are alleged plans of terrorist attacks similar to those on November 13th in Paris. On the weekend, several raids and arrests happened, the military is very present on the streets of Brussels, where many EU institutions as well as the NATO are situated.

No flights cancelled

Except for increased security checks, the air traffic is not affected by the measures. Travellers should expect delays and therefore arrive at the Brussels airport early before the planned departure. Furthermore, it is necessary to carry a passport or another recognised document proving identity. Take into consideration that the metro is not operating and search for alternative means of transportation.

Assessment of the foreign ministry

The Austrian foreign ministry (BMEIA) still states "good security standard" for Belgium and points out the highest terror warning level in Brussels. There is no travel warning, but it is recommended to avoid large gatherings of people and to follow instructions by the authorities.

The European Consumer Centre Austria (ECC) advises consumers, who plan a trip to Belgium, to carefully follow the current media coverage.

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Last updated on November 25, 2015

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