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New rules for EU citizens

From 01.05.2018 on, EU citizens will receive the same consular protection worldwide - whether there is a diplomatic representation of their home country available or not. The respective EU regulation, which was adopted in 2015, has to be implemented until this day by all member states (read more).

What does consular protection mean?

When you travel to a third country, which means a country outside of the EU, there may not be a consulary or embassy of your home country. This means you are "unrepresented". If you need help, you can turn to the representation of any other EU member state instead.

In which situations could you get help?

  • death,
  • severe injury or sickness,
  • arrest or imprisonment,
  • help for victims of violent crimes,
  • help for EU citizens in need and their return home.

The regulation furthermore states that representations should cooperate in times of crisis in order to protect unrepresented EU citizen on site.

For more information, read our article "Help abroad: Equal treatment for EU citizens" or visit the website about consular protection abroad.

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