Insolvency of FlyBMI

British Midland Regional Limited (FlyBMI) is insolvent. Flights will no longer be operated. In the following we summarised the currently available information for affected consumers.


Bookings at FlyBMI


If you booked your flight directly at FlyBMI or via a travel agency, you have a booking confirmation of FlyBMI. In this case, it is unfortunately questionable whether you will receive a refund of your ticket price.


If you paid by credit card, you can ask your credit card company for a chargeback. Tell them that BMI can't render its service and recommends a chargeback to its customers on its website. (Unfortunately, the website is no longer available - 29.04.2019.)


Please note: The details explained by FlyBMI on its website regarding chargebacks are not applicable to Austrian law. Austrian consumers are not entitled to a chargeback like British consumers are. Here, it is a goodwill solution by the credit card company.


When a refund of the ticket price is not possible, please contact the insolvency administrator: When a company is insolvent, creditors only receive a certain quota, a percentage, of their payment.


Unfortunately, no insolvency hedging, like with package travels, does not exist.


Costs for a necessary new flight booking at another airline will not be reimbursed.


Booking at another airline


If you didn't book at FlyBMI, but at another airline and BMI would only have been the operating airline ("operated by FlyBMI"), please contact the initial airline. That might be Lufthansa, Brussels Airlines, Air France, Air Dolomiti, Turkish Airlines or Loganair.


As BMI is not your contractual partner, you can request a refund of the full ticket price or a rebooking to another flight from the initial airline where you booked the flight.


Travel insurance


The insolvency of airlines is usually not covered by travel insurances. This means that you won't be reimbursed for the ticket price or other damages, like already booked hotels at your destination or costs for alternative flights. However, to be sure, you can of course ask your travel insurance company.

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