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JT Touristik insolvent

What consumers can do now

Update, 18.10.2017:

JT Touristik announced that travels with a departure until 31.12.2017 will be operated, thanks to negotiations of the insolvency administrator, Dr. Stephan Thieman of PLUTA Rechtsanwalts GmBH.

Please note: All travels including a flight with Air Berlin after 28.10. are excluded from this arrangement. Those travels will be cancelled due to the insolvency of Air Berlin (read more).

We recommend to contact the insolvency administrator (jt-touristik@pluta.net): Ask if the travels in November and December are financially secured and if you will get a respective certificate. Furthermore, ask if you could also report an event of damage or loss to the European travel insurance (Europäische Reiseversicherung) like those travelling in October (see below).


The German tour operator JT Touristik is insolvent. Reisegarant, a service of the insurance company Generali Versicherung AG München, will cover all costs for booked journeys until 31.10.2017.

What does this mean for consumers?

According to JT Touristik, package travel as well as single hotel bookings will be covered and operated. Customers can't cancel their journeys for free, as the terms & conditions are still valid, including those regarding cancellation fees.

If you have to move to another hotel at your destination, you will have to pay at first. Make sure to get a confirmation in writing, so that you can later request a refund (see below).

Journeys until 31.10.2017:

If you booked a journey at JT Touristik and would depart before the end of October, there shouldn't be any changes or problems. The tour operator informed all service providers (airlines, hotels etc.) about the current situation. The costs should be covered by Reisegarant, as mentioned above.

However, if the hotel or any other provider request a second payment on site, show them the declaration of cost-coverage by Reisegarant. It is available in German and English on the website of JT Touristik. If the hotel still insists on the payment, request a confirmation in writing, so that you can later claim all extra costs (see below).

Journeys after 31.10.2017:

JT Touristik only states that they will try to operate those travels and that it is not advisable to cancel them. We recommend to take a look at the website of JT Touristik regularly or to contact them directly regarding your journey.

What can you do in case of damage?

If you had any extra costs or other financial damages due to the insolvency, the Europäische Reiseversicherung AG (European travel insurancy, ERV) is in charge. Fill in the respective form and send it as registered letter to the address below. The ERV needs copies of all further evidence (booking confirmation, secured payment certificate, receipt of your payment of the travel price, receipts of all extra costs). Make sure to state your bank details (IBAN, BIC).

  • Europäische Reiseversicherung AG
    Postfach 800545
    81605 München

Find more general information about your rights in case of insolvency of a tour operator in the respective article.

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