Strike at Brussels airport

Update, 31.10.2018: After nearly a week, the srike at the airport of Brussels ended today. However, further delays are expected until everything operates normally again (e.g. baggage claims).




The staff handling the luggage at the airport of Brussels went on strike last week. The protest is still ongoing. Every day, hundreds of flights got cancelled. Many passengers can't get their baggage or have to face long delays or cancellations.


On the website of the airport, the following recommendations are presented:

  • Before travelling to the airport, check the status of your flight on the respective airline's website.
  • If possible, travel with hand luggage only.
  • Do not come to the airport for retrieving your luggage until you're personally contacted.

Information for departing passengers whose flight was cancelled

  • Local departing passengers are requested not to wait in the terminal but to go home and contact their airline via their call centre or on their website.
  • The baggage will be sent on to its destination. We therefore ask departing passengers to file a missing baggage claim at their destination at the local Lost & Found partner of the airline in question. Tip: The respective form is called PIR ("Property Irregularity Report").
  • Passengers who do no longer wish to fly to their destination can contact the Lost & Found  ‘Welcome services’ desk at Brussels Airport. More information is available at this link.

Information for arriving passengers

  • As long as the strike is ongoing, it is unlikely that baggage can be retrieved. Arriving passengers will be given a token which they can use to file a  baggage claim.

Tips from your ECC


Cancellation: In case of cancellations, you are entitled to choose between an alternative transportation free of charge (e.g. rebooking to another flight) or the free withdrawal and a refund of the ticket price. Furthermore, you should get compensation. A while ago, a German court decided that a strike on an airport doesn't constitute extraordinary circumstances and therefore passengers should get a compensation (read more).


Problems with luggage: If your luggage is lost or delayed, you have the right to make necessary purchases, like hygiene articles or clothes that you need for your stay. Keep all invoices and send them to the airline in order to get at least some of the costs refunded. Find out more about this in our article Baggage claims.


Detailed information regarding your air passenger rights are available in our article Problems during air travel.

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