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Troubles with travel documents

ESTA, Visa and Co.

Consumers are currently turning to us after ordering an ESTA form online. They tell us about various problems, e.g. higher prices, lack of delivery or faked documents.

Those cases are not new to us, unfortunately (e.g. regarding the "eTA" for Canada or visa for Turkey). Many travelleres search online for information about the travel documents necessary for their trip. Therefore, more and more fraudulent traders enter the scene. Their websites appear even before those of the official authorities in the search results. At first glance, the websites seem professional and the URL sounds official.

On the safe site

We recommend to read the detailed travel information regarding your destination on the website of the Foreign Ministry. Within the section "Einreise & Ausreise" ("entry & exit"), you will find out which documents are necessary as well as the correct link to the official authority.

The Austrian consumer association (Verein für Konsumenteninformation, VKI) can help you if you face difficulties with a trader who charged too much or provided false/invalid documents. In case of fraud, please turn to the next police station and make a report.

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