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WOW Air insolvent

Several airlines pitch in

Update, 08.04.2019

Our Icelandic colleagues send us new information regarding the insolvent WOW Air: Claims can only be filed via post to the following address:

Sveinn Andri Sveinsson, trustee
Reykjavík Lawyers
Grjótagata 7
101 Reykjavík


You have to use a standard form (see attachment below) which complies with the conditions of the Icelandic insolvency laws. Furthermore, all relevant documents that prove your entitlement need to be enclosed (flight tickets, bank statements etc.). Deadline is Augst 3rd, 2019!


The Icelandic Airline WOW Air has filed for insolvency and ceased all operations. Several European airlines pitched in and offer special reduced tariffs to stranded passengers.

What rights do passengers of WOW Air have?

If your flights are part of a package travel, the tour operator is obliged to provide for replacement. However, that is not the case with individual flight bookings. You are entitled to some care services (e.g. snacks, maybe accommodation) if your flight is cancelled. But beyond that, you can only wait for the opening of insolvency proceedings to file your claims.

According to media reports, WOW Air is heavily in debt. Therefore, passengers with their relatively small claims will probably only receive very small refunds, if any. Those are calculated by a quote, which is usually a small percentage. Experience shows that insolvency proceedings can take a long time.

Help for stranded consumers

The following airline offer reduced flight tickets or flat rates for stranded customers of WOW Air:

In most cases the offers are for specific routes, like from London to Iceland or vice versa. "Stranded" are those passengers who flew with WOW Air and are now missing a retour flight home.

Current information about the insolvency is available on the website of the Icelandic transport authority as well as on the website of WOW Air. We will update this article as soon as there is any new information.

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