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Booking rental cars online

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Your rental car is just a few clicks away

Checklist for car hire:

  • Compare the prices! Comparisons have shown that in general, there are no cheap or expensive providers. The prices vary depending on location, season and competition.
  • Pay attention to special offers. Reduced weekend rates, package deals or early bird discounts can often reduce the price significantly.
  • Reservations for special cars are often not possible. The specified car is usually only an example of a certain type of car.
  • Always calculate the number of persons and luggage before booking a car. A higher class usually means higher costs.
  • When searching a rental car online the first website you get to often is not the car rental company. Some traders are only agencies! You just receive a voucher from the agency, which you present the lessor on site in order to get the car. The rental agreement is concluded with the car rental company itself.
  • Important: Complaints are to be made to the contractor on site.
  • Check your insurance coverage!

* The liability limits vary from country to country. We recommend additional insurance, if your insurance does not cover much.

* Consider whether you accept a deductible/ excess or let it strike for additional costs.

* Check the insurance benefits and the amount of coverage. Even comprehensive coverage may not include certain damages or insurance benefits may be subject to certain terms and conditions.

* Insurance against theft may only cover vehicle, but not your personal items.

* Is passenger insurance included?

  • Make sure to check the fuel regulations! If the car is to be returned with an empty tank, fees and often an expensive petrol price will be charged! When you return the car with a full tank, always keep the bill of the gas station. Several cases have been reported, where the hire company denied that the tank was full.
  • Keep all documentation for future reference. This way you can avoid being charged with a different price on site as agreed in advance. Also, an ex post complaint is much easier with good paperwork.

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