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ECC-Net: Travel App now available worldwide

Very popular among Austrian consumers

The travel app of the European Consumer Centres Network (ECC Net) was downloaded 27.400 times since its launch in June. After the start in the 30 European countries of the Network, it is now available worldwide.

In only one month, the download rate of the ECC-Net: Travel App increased by more than 60 percent, from 16.500 mid-July to 26.500 mid-August, and its rising further. Besides France and Germany, Austria is among the top 3 countries with the most downloads (over 2000 by mid-August).

The ECC-Net: Travel App is available for free for Android, Apple and Windows. Since it can now be obtained worldwide, also tourists who want to travel to Europe may profit from the app. Also European consumers who are living or working outside the EU can get the app for their trips home or to one of the 30 countries of the ECC Net (which are the 28 EU Member States, Norway and Iceland).

The European Consumer Centres are happy about the great interest for the app which provides help in 25 languages regarding problems with transport, accommodation or traders. Its functions are continuously evaluated and improved to make sure that consumers within the EU and now also worldwide get the best possible support.

Voting of the best travel app

The ECC-Net: Travel App is nominated for "Best Travel Industry App - Mobile Services 2014". If you like this new service of ECC Net, you can vote for it here. Simply click on the little button on the picture of the App and insert your e-mail-address and type in the displayed security code. No worries - you won't receive any spam or merchandise afterwards.

Find more information about the ECC-Net: Travel App in this article of ECC Austria!

If you want to try the app, you can simply scan the following QR code and get directly to the download in your app store:

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ECC-Net: Travel App

The European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Net) developed an App to support consumers while travelling in Europe. In 25 languages, the mobile application helps in situations like lost baggage, delayed flights or return of damaged goods.

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