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Safety at the EURO 2016

Tips of ECC Austria

The EURO 2016 is not only a challenge for the competing teams. In the face of terror, strikes and aggressive fan groups, the security authorities have to deal with a huge responsibility. ECC Austria has gathered important information and helpful links, so that you can enjoy the EURO - safe and relaxed.

Please note: Some of the below mentioned services and links are only available in German language. If you need the information provided there in another language, please contact the respective provider (Foreign Ministry, ÖAMTC etc.) for assistance.

Travelling to France safely

The Austrian automobile club ÖAMTC has published a factsheet (German) with all requirements for a journey to France. The practical list is not only interesting for those who travel by car!

The Austrian Foreign Ministry (BMEIA) provides travel information regarding the host country on their website.

ECC Austria recommends to use the service for travel registration that ensures that the BMEIA knows about your stay in France and has your contact details in case of need. Please note that every traveller has to be registered individually!

The Austrian embassy in Paris also has useful information and links on its website. On a short factsheet you may find all contact details of representations in the respective French cities where the EURO takes place. Another leaflet lists the public transport options between those cities as well as guides by the UEFA.

Practical tips for travelling to France:

  • Always carry a valid passport. This also applies to children!
  • There may be controls at borders, airports and train stations, so make sure that you have enough time planned for your trip!
  • Inform yourself in advance about the current situation in France, especially regarding strikes!
  • Follow the current media coverage.

Smart travel companions

There are several free apps for the EURO 2016 that can help you to stay safe:

  • The app of the Austrian police includes general safety tipps and current news in German language: Information
  • The French government alerts visitors via app about attacks or risks of attacks: Information
  • With the official "fan guide app" of the UEFA it is easy to find your way in fan zones, stadiums etc.: iTunes-Store (Apple), Google Play Store (Android)
  • Additionally to the above mentioned (and recommended!) travel registration you can also download the "abroad service" app of the Foreign Ministry (German): Information

Safe at Public Viewing

The Austrian Ministry for the Interior (BMI) has collected tips (German) for those who stay at home and want to follow the success of the national team at one of the over 450 public viewing venues in Austria. The tips can be adapted to any big events in order to avoid or react to dangerous situations.

Further information

Please also recognize the following articles by ECC Austria regarding the EURO 2016:

ECC Austria wishes you a relaxed and safe EURO 2016!

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Travelling to the EURO 2016

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