Shopping for brands when travelling

ECC Austria explains what consumers should keep in mind when a trader walks by at the beach.


Designer bargains at the beach?


Are the extremely inexpensive handbags, sunglasses, watches and t-shirts offered by mobile beach vendors or at market stalls authentic? As a rule, no.


Indeed, importing those goods is not necessarily illegal. There are special rules regarding your personal luggage when travelling. You are allowed to bring counterfeit products if you carry them in your luggage for personal use only. Besides, their value must not exceed € 430 for air travellers and € 300 for other travellers.


However, if the authorities suspect you reselling the goods in question (e.g. there are 50 pairs of fake sunglasses in your suitcase) they may get confiscated.


Penalties at the holiday destination - warning


This arrangement should not encourage you as a tourist to buy counterfeit goods while on holiday. Apart from the above the national law of your holiday destination applies.


It is e.g. under Italian law prohibited to buy fake goods. Beware, high penalties may be imposed.

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