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Timeshare on Gran Canaria

Information about contracts with Anfi

Holidays, finally! Walking on the beach, relaxing and enjoying the good life. Suddenly, someone approaches you with an offer.

According to this person, you could secure your next holiday happines right now, in a beautiful and modern hotel complex on Gran Canaria, Spain. Even world-famous celebrities like the Klitschko brothers and former US vice president Al Gore spent their vacation there!

Complaints at the ECC

A consumer came to us to report such a situation. He went on a trip to Gran Canaria with his wife in January 2017. During a walk, an employee of Anfi Vacation Clubs S.L. (Anfi Dreams) addressed them.

Over drinks, he told the couple about the possibility to spend their holidays in an exclusive hotel. He presented an "agreement on accommodation booking" in one of the Anfi complexes. The offer included two dates, one week each, in an appartement for up to six people in Anfi Tauro.

They would have to use the appartement within a year, for a total price of 3959 Euro. The consumers signed the agreement and had to pay 1200 Euro via credit card on the spot.

The contract only covered the appartement, so accommodation without any other services. On site, the consumers would have a lot more expenses, e.g. for every visit of the beach, sun beds, beverages and the flights. Realistically, the offer appears quite overpriced.

The employee of Anfi explained to the consumers that they would move up to a "level 2" after their first visit, with benefits like luxury travels for special prices. In another case, consumers got a voucher for a free vacation when they signed the agreement. Later, they were unable to redeem the voucher. It can be assumed that Anfi would use first visits to their hotels to further advertise their timeshare products and to conclude more (long-term) contracts.

The ECC finds those contracts problematic as consumers are approached on the street and promised exclusive benefits. In fact, the offer is rather expensive. Staying at an Anfi hotel would probably mean further advertising events where consumers would be persuaded to buy additional long-term timeshare products. Furthermore, it is very difficult to withdraw from a signed contract.

The ECC advises:

  • Don't let anyone talk you into a contract.
  • Don't sign anything hastily on the spot.
  • Check the information and conditions carefully and examine whether the offered product really meets your expectations.
  • If you face problems with a timesharing contract, feel free to contact us!

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