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Brexit: Scam with small ads

The Brexit is not just nerve-racking on the political stage. More and more fraudsters use the British leave of the EU for their online scams.

Dubious banking fees

Fraudsters use platforms for small ads, like or They act as interested buyers who live in England. Due to the Brexit, so they claim, some banking fees would be necessary for the transfer of the money. The seller should pay those in advance and the alleged buyer would transfer the fees plus the price as soon as he received the product. In some cases, they even promise extra payment for the additional effort. At the same time, the fraudster pretends to need the product very urgently.

The Chamber of Labour (AK) Styria recommends to be especially careful with buyers from England or other Non-EU countries who immediately accept the proposed price. As soon as you send the package or transferred the money, it's gone.

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