Unister: Insolvency application

The name "Unister" covers a lot of different companies who provide several websites, most of which deal with travel booking. Some of those companies have now filed an insolvency application at court, namely: Unister Holding GmbH, Urlaubstours GmbH, Unister GmbH, U-Deals GmbH.


According to the preliminary insolvency administrator, the Unister Travel Betriebsgesellschaft mbH has filed a respective application as well. This company operates the websites "fluege.de" and partly "ab-in-den-urlaub.de".


In most cases, "Unister" is only the travel agency and therefore intermediary. The contractual partner of the tourist is the tour operator, airline or hotel.


However, Urlaubstours is a tour operator, but they announced that right now, trips will be normally operated. Furthermore, tour operators who offer package travel have to be prepared and secured in case of insolvency.


ECC Austria will keep you updated with the developments regarding "Unister".

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