Holiday homes: Danish firm Vacasol insolvent

Information for consumers

Vacasol is a Danish travel agency for holiday homes all over Europe - from small apartments to luxury mansions with pool for a big group. The company now announced that it is insolvent.

Due to the fact that Vacasol is only an intermediary, the actual renting contract is with the respective agency that offers the accommodation. If you have a pending booking, it is therefore important that you contact the rental agency and ask them whether they got the money from Vacasol and if your journey is possible without any problems. On its website, Vacasol provides information and FAQs for their customers as well as an e-mail-address for those who already booked a holiday home:

Tips from the ECC

The ECC recommends that consumers contact the rental agency and Vacasol as soon as possible in writing. Follow the current developments on the website of Vacasol. If you can't find a solution with neither the agency nor Vacasol, the ECC is happy to help. You can contact us via the online complaint form, mail ( or phone (01/588 77 81, Mo-Fr, 9 a.m - 3 p.m.).

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